15 Best Pharma CRM (2023): Reviews & Pricing

Last Updated:Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Let’s talk about customer relationship management. Now, you might not think of the pharmaceutical industry right away. But the truth is, a CRM benefits pharma, medical and life sciences companies as much as any other business.

Already in 2017, the value of CRM platforms for pharma and biotech software was nearly at a whopping $100 million. And that’s hardly the peak. According to the same study, the use of pharma CRM has been expected to remain on a steady growth path of over 11% until at least 2025.



What does the best pharmaceutical CRM software do for your company? It can help increase sales and customer loyalty in two major ways. It can help regular pharmacists and clinics manage their end-use customers. And, it can help pharma firms and other biotech companies strengthen relationships with doctors and clinics who are regular buyers of pharma products.

This article is your guide to the best CRM for the pharmaceutical industry.


Benefits of Using Pharma CRM Software 

There are many benefits of using pharma CRM software. It doesn’t matter if you run a small pharmacist business, or are part of a large pharma enterprise. 

A CRM system will streamline your operations. It does this by sparing your human reps from repetitive tasks, expanding your sales network, and forging deeper and more loyal relationships with your current customers. In the end, it can help boost revenues.

Common features you can expect are task, calendar and opportunity management tools. You also get marketing features to help spread the word about your products and gain more leads. There are tools for sales reps to organize their visits and samples. Customer support modules are also common in pharma CRM. Finally, there are ERP-like features for inventories, shipments and deliverables. 

Strong Customer Relationship 

Unlike EMR vs EHR vs PHR, which stores medical and health records, CRMs are primarily about strengthening customer relationships. Pharma CRM can help do this by allowing clinics to keep customers engaged with useful content. It makes it easy for customers to communicate with a pharma business. Larger pharma companies can use CRMs to stay in touch with doctors, chemists and other medical professionals.

Database Integration 

CRMs begin with a powerful database which gives you 360 degree views of all your contacts. Whether customer, doctor or chemist, all data is easily searchable and shareable. CRMs also update contact information in real time. This can occur whenever a contact changes their status in their public social profiles. It also keeps track of all communication histories across multiple channels in one place. 

Customer Account Management  

It’s crucial for pharma businesses to keep accurate records of customer data. This is especially important for purchase histories. This way, when a customer returns, they will have all their important medical and pharmaceutical information available to whichever pharma specialist is helping them at the time. Here is where pharma CRM means great customer experience. 

Inventory Cycle Management  

CRMs are not only about keeping data of past engagements and histories. CRM software can help with forecasting the future too. When it comes to managing inventories, a CRM can provide the analytics to show you which items may be in higher market demand based on purchase patterns. This will help you stay best prepared for future orders.

Order Management

Filling out all the paperwork for each order can involve a lot of paperwork which is time consuming for human agents. The best pharma CRMs have order management tools and many of them include automation. This helps process orders quickly and with less chance of human error. Repeat tasks can also be done automatically. 


Key Features of Pharma CRM

Automation Campaign Management

Pharma companies have products to move and sell. CRM for pharma companies can automate marketing and sales campaigns. There are tools to inform the public of new products and capture leads. It helps engage with prospects, and convert them into sales. Many of these steps can be automated through workflows which streamline sales and boost ROI.

Data Analysis 

Data is created in every business transaction and company activity. The pharma industry benefits greatly from its data. Pharma CRM collects data on p[atients, customers and products. It updates its database often and in real time. It performs smart analytics and produces regular reporting. This helps pharma firms organize their inventories and plan their marketing and sales strategies. It even guides R&D.

Better Customer Service 

Pharma CRM is a great benefit for customer satisfaction. One of the key factors is having technical support as part of the platform. When it comes to pharma goods, people need to feel the company providing them is able to help with problems. CRM allows customers to communicate with pharma companies through any channel or device. Support reps will have access to the customer’s information to provide the best personalized service.  

Cross-Sell & UpSell  

Pharma companies are in the business of selling like their goods. Pharma CRM can help companies devise strategies to interest their customers in new or different pharma products. Marketing campaigns can be used to cross-sell and up-sell to parties based on their likeliness to buy. This is gauged with data from past purchases and engagements. 

Raise in Efficiency

Finally, any good CRM is great for boosting efficiency. CRMs take over rote paperwork with automation. These platforms can scour the web for data and update your files in real time. They can be used to send reminders and follow ups to your contacts and help streamline appointment bookings. A CRM for pharma allows humans to do more with fewer steps in less time. It can even save on human labor costs.


What is the best Pharma CRM Software? Here’s our top 15 list



Features / Benefits

  • Medicinal marketing includes sales forecasting and competitor analysis

  • Real time contact data on customers, physicians and chemists

  • Business process automations, eg: customer reminders and follow ups

  • Multichannel customer service for the pharma industry


  • Custom reporting only available with an enterprise subscription

  • Implementation can be complicated


Kapture has three pricing tiers, at $19, $39 and $59 per user per month billed annually. There is also a 30-day free trial of Kapture’s CRM system.

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Features / Benefits

  • One of the dedicated CRM solutions for pharma companies

  • Fully mobile life sciences CRM

  • Loop marketing campaigns helps with more targeted customer messaging

  • Sample inventory tracking and expense reporting

  • Helps the pharmaceutical sales process and customer interactions


  • Not a very economical CRM platform for smaller pharmaceutical businesses

  • Many CRM tools and sales features make it a bit overwhelming at first


For a full list of prices and plans, contact StayinFront through their website. 

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Features / Benefits

  • Part of a massive suite of tools for pharma and the entire MedTech industry

  • Very robust customer relationship management set of features

  • Data science for customer behavior insights

  • Closed loop marketing helps identify customer preferences

  • Email templates for compliant customer outreach, surveys and follow ups


  • A bit on the expensive side

  • Siloed products mean you might not get all the tools you want in one package


You’ll have to contact Veeva through their website to get prices.

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CRMNEXT Pharmaceutical

Features / Benefits

  • Top customer relationship management solution for pharmaceutical companies

  • Smart lead management for pharma marketing and sales reps

  • CRM customer data updates from social media in real time

  • Segmentation helps boost customer engagement with relevant pharma content

  • Pharma sales team performance tracker


  • Not too convenient for smaller pharma operations due to price


For the full pricing list of CRMNEXT’s pharmaceutical solution, contact their sales team through their homepage.

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Creatio CRM Pharma 

Features / Benefits

  • Field force automation tool captures pharma sales data in real time

  • CRM customer communication histories and sales records

  • Marketing campaign tools like segmentation and targeting

  • Cycle activity planning for regular visits and repeat orders

  • Customer service platform across multiple channels


  • Some say it has an overcrowded look and feel

  • Takes some time to fully integrate


For Creatio’s pharmaceutical CRM solution, contact them through their website. 

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CSquare Sales Force Automation (SFA 360)

Features / Benefits

  • Full sales force automation platform for pharma companies of all sizes

  • Expense, asset and inventory stock management

  • Sales reps performance analytics

  • Medical representative (MR reporting) database management


  • The look and feel seem old and outdated

  • Reports are difficult to manage


There are no prices listed on CSquare’s website. Contact them for details.

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Features / Benefits

  • Customer analysis and targeting system (CATS) for life sciences

  • Helps pharma companies connect with doctors

  • Call and customer visit recording that's easily organized and searchable

  • Multi media marketing campaign tools

  • A wide range of reporting functionality including by territory or doctor


  • The cost may be too high for some pharma companies

  • Automation features are not too easy to use


To go over the plans and prices of Synergistix, contact them through their website.

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Features / Benefits

  • Easy to build workflows for sales and marketing automation

  • Regular sales rep and mobile real time reporting

  • Helps keep track of samples and gifts to healthcare professionals

  • Business intelligence feature including KPI tools


  • Some of the features can feel too simple and limiting

  • Dull looking interface and dashboard


Medismo does not advertise prices on their website. Contact their sales team through their site for pricing info. 

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Features / Benefits

  • Basic customer relationship management software for pharma

  • Calendar tools for medical representatives to organize sales visits

  • Data analytics provides regular sales rep stats

  • Customer evaluation tools to help plan targeted outreach

  • Works on their server, on premise, offline and mobile


  • Limited or no marketing automation


For the full lust of PharmaCODE prices and plans you’ll have contact their sales departments through their website.

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Features / Benefits

  • Customer experience tools for pharma businesses of all sizes

  • Real time CRM data updates across all devices

  • Sales teams activity, calendar and task management

  • Closed loop marketing cycle tools

  • Full analytics and reporting


  • Slightly unmodern front-end aesthetic

  • Not much information on the homepage


To get pricing packages for actisCRM for pharmaceutical companies, visit their website.

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Features / Benefits

  • Manages pharma partnerships with doctors, chemists and other contacts

  • Helps track ongoing deals and other sales opportunities

  • Standardized workflows to track progress and milestones

  • Feedback and survey tools

  • Pharma sales and KPI reporting


  • Limited to pharma partnerships and not much for basic customers data


There are no listed prices on Inova’s website. Contact their sales team for price plans.

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Features / Benefits

  • Full MR reporting and sales CRM tools for the pharmaceutical industry

  • Keeps track of gifts and samples to doctors and clinics

  • Product detail management

  • Daily reports which can be exported to Excel

  • Doctor visit and dealer visit planning


  • Sales, service and inventory are sold as separate SaaS

  • Many tools are add-ons


SalesBabuCRM starts at $26 per user per month billed annually. For the all-in-one business suite and ERP, contact salesBabuCRM.

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Avidian Prophet CRM

Features / Benefits

  • This is a CRM solution for pharma that can be built into Outlook

  • Combines all contacts and leads into a unified database

  • Helps make sure CRM tracking follows pharma compliance and regulations

  • Some sales force automation and workflow tools

  • Interactive pharma sales and stats analytics and reporting


  • Advanced automated email notification only in the enterprise package


Prophet CRM by Avidian has three plans. They are $25, $55 and $75 per user per month.

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Inception CRM

Features / Benefits

  • Dedicated enterprise level CRM for pharma and life science

  • End-to-end support for sales reps in the field

  • Calendar and task management

  • Customer insights by territory or purchase history

  • Inventory and expenses management


  • Can be a bit expensive

  • Field force automation can be a bit glitchy


Inception CRM does not display prices on their homepage. You’ll have to contact them for price lists.

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Features / Benefits

  • Mobile app for field marketing for pharma sales reps

  • Helps plan visits and full visit reporting

  • Range of useful CRM analytics

  • Gift and sample record management

  • Highly visual interface


  • Lacking some tools for project and opportunity management


For the PharmaWorx list of plans and costs, get in touch with their sales department through their website.

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In conclusion, if you are in the pharma industry, you really should be looking into the best pharma CRM. Our list here is pretty big, but the truth is, the list can go on. For some highlights, Kapture, Veeva and Synergistix leap up as great options.

If you are not ready to invest in a dedicated CRM for pharma, that’s fine too. Many basic CRMs like Salesforce or HubSpot can be used by pharma businesses. Often they have solutions just for pharma and the life sciences.

Every customer deserves a top user experience with a pharma company. It should not matter if you're a regular customer with a prescription, or a doctor overseeing the purchase of drugs en masse. This goes for everything from general medical issues to more specialty care. A CRM solution is the first step to bringing your pharma business into the modern world.