Apptivo CRM Review 2023: Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons

Last Updated:Monday, November 27, 2023

Apptivo is a cloud-based suite of business tools geared for small businesses, covering a CRM solution, email marketing, project management and more ecommerce functionalities. This is a good-looking platform with an intuitive interface and lots of customization options. It scores points for its ease of use and its onboarding process to help its new users master its tools.

As a CRM system, Apptivo could easily go head to head with other all-in-one CRM tools like Insightly, Zoho CRM, Salesforce, HubSpot and Pipedrive. This review sources user reactions and other online feedback sites to give you a clear idea of Apptivo’s benefits and whether this is the right business solution for you.



Apptivo CRM review 2023: Is Apptivo any good?

Apptivo is certainly a good business SaaS, especially for small businesses who wish to do more with less and scale up their operations and increase their bottom line.

This Apptivo review could be read alongside our roundup article of the best CRM software, which includes Apptivo. So go ahead and read that too.


Apptivo pricing plans 

First of all, how much does Apptivo cost? Let’s first review Apptivo CRM pricing:

Apptivo plan

Monthly price

Annual price


Starter plan




Lite plan

$10 per user per month

$8 per user per month


Premium Plan

$15 per user per month

$12 per user per month


Ultimate Plan

$25 per user per month

$20 per user per month


Enterprise plan

Contact vendor

Contact vendor



Are there any Apptivo coupon codes or promo discount vouchers?

At this moment, it does not seem that there are any Apptivo coupon codes or promotional discount vouchers. You may find some coupons, vouchers or other promotions from 3rd party sites for Apptivo, though we recommend always checking directly with the vendor to see if such deals or promotions are still valid. You can also check the Apptivo blog for more information on how to apply for an Apptivo promotion code.


Apptivo app overview: What is Apptivo & What is Apptivo used for?

Apptivo is an all-in-one toolkit to serve the business needs of small businesses and other SMEs. It begins as a customer relationship management tool and from there includes functionalities to plan and execute marketing campaigns, as well as tools to streamline the sales process. Apptivo also includes other features that are more specific to commerce, like estimates, contracts, invoicing, expense reports and procurements.

In simpler terms, Apptivo is used for keeping track of all your contacts in your database as well as helping you find new contacts and grow your network. Apptivo is used by marketers to reach wider audiences with more targeted messaging, and Apptivo is used by salespeople to nurture their opportunities down the funnel, close more deals, and win more profits. Apptivo is also used by ecommerce operations and includes some customer support tools for those businesses. 


Apptivo free vs paid: what’s the difference?

There is a free version of Apptivo. The differences between the free and paid versions are as follows: The free version, called Starter, is only good for 1 user, and it only gives access to 8 apps in total. The free version has many sales tools but no marketing tools. You get simple analytics with the free plan, and your data storage limit is only 500 MBs.

The Lite plan, in comparison, lets you pay per user. It offers up to 18 Apptivo apps. You get plenty of sales, marketing and analytics features, and the data limit is 1 GB per user. 

Neither the free plan nor the Lite plan lets you do integrations. With more expensive plans, you get loads of integrations from other SaaS like Dropbox, PayPal, Slack, Quickbooks and G Suite. 


Apptivo features list 

The main features of Apptivo are:

  • Contact management

  • Campaign management

  • Email marketing

  • Project management

  • Lead management

  • Opportunity management

  • Invoicing

  • Supply chains and shipments

  • Competitor management

  • Products, goods and services

  • Knowledge databases

  • API and integrations

  • Mobile apps


Contact management

Contact management is another term for CRM. Apptivo lets you not only manage contacts but get new ones with lead capture from emails or web forms. An app for customers is customizable in various ways to organize your contact list according to your preferred data. You also get duplication rules to clean your data and contact conversion for when contacts are ready to become leads or paying customers.

Campaign management

Apptivo is great for marketing campaigns and makes it easy for you to create beautiful-looking ads with minimal work. There are templates and themes to help build visually stunning campaigns. Target lists help you pinpoint the perfect audience for campaigns as well.

Email marketing 

Email marketing is part of campaign management. After you’ve built your campaigns with Apptivo email templates, you can set up the auto-scheduling option for campaigns to go out at the right time. There are also campaign trackers to see stats on email open rates, click-through rates, bounces and more. There is also an email quota tracker, which is great to use alongside the mass emailing feature so you do not exceed your limits.

Project management

Project management begins with individual task management which can then be grouped and organized by project or task assignee. You get timesheet tracking for tasks, which also functions for invoice conversions. Most projects are displayed as Gantt chart dashboards, but there are also project templates with customizable quick automation actions. Finally, there is project billing and project reports tools.

Lead management

Leads are contacts before they are opportunities, that means these are leads before being fully entered into the sales process. There is a good workflow scheduler to make sure you stay in touch with leads at the right times. Apptivo does lead scoring which tells you your probability of getting the lead into the sales pipeline as a deal. You can even set up as many custom fields as you like to stay organized.

Opportunities and deals

Apptivo lets you combine deal management and opportunity management to really stay on top of all deals in progress. You can collect and create new opportunities directly from emails. Opportunities can be streamlined using sales force automation, which tracks leads down the sales pipeline and automatically triggers actions like follow ups. Opportunities are often shown in Kanban dashboard views and with that you get pipeline reports.


Apptivo has loads of apps which fall under the invoicing category. These include: expense reports, ledgers, estimate calculators, credit notes, license tracking tools, insurance trackers, property management, sales receipts, customer payments and more. These features make up one of Apptivo’s strong selling points.

Supply chains and shipment

Distribution management with Apptivo includes solid supply chain tools. It can connect distributors directly with customers. These can be triggered by workflows associated with sales orders. There are also payment features that function with point-of-sale machines, as well as shipment transaction management.

Competitor management

Here’s a tool which makes Apptivo unique from other CRMs: a feature to help organize and stay abreast of all your competitors. You can set up detailed lists with custom fields and keep track of lost deals and which competitor won them, and for what reasons.

Products, goods and services

There are approval flows for discussing new ideas of new products. You can keep track of ideas statuses as they become realities. Apptivo helps users pawn new patents for new ideas. It even offers a geographical scope for patents. 

Knowledge databases

The Apptivo Answers app lets users set up databases for knowledge and how-tos and other FAQ related material. You can input questions and answers with natural language, use tags and categories to keep everything sorted, as well as implement SEO terms into the knowledge base. Instant notifications can be arranged whenever new questions come in. 

API and integrations

You can browse for a massive library of integrations to work with Apptivo. These can be subdivided and filtered down to API/Webhook or remain in general categories like billing or productivity. Some of the most popular and important integrations according to review sources are Office 365 including Outlook, as well as G Suite.

Mobile apps

There are dedicated mobile Apptivo apps from both the Apple App Store for iOS, iPhones and iPads, and the Google Play store for Android devices. With mobile apps you can manage your contacts, finances, tasks, projects and even customer support all from a simple yet intuitive UI. It also includes work orders, estimates, timesheets and expense reports. The mobile apps do automated data syncing in real-time. 


Apptivo pros and cons

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Apptivo:

Apptivo advantages

The first main advantage of Apptivo is the fact that it is so user-friendly with many great resources to help you onboard and learn the software.

Next Apptivo advantage is the way they break the platform down into individual apps which you can get alone or in bundles, sort of like a buffet.

The category of apps that fall under invoicing is a strong benefit for Apptivo users, especially when running stores, shops or ecommerce operations.

Finally, it’s great that there is a free version of Apptivo to try out, and afterward there are several pricing tiers so you can scale up your apps as you see fit without ever getting a bill too high for what you use.

Apptivo disadvantages

Like any CRM software or business platform, of course Apptivo wants to be a competitor for a wide range of company sizes. Sadly, this is one drawback, as Apptivo is great for small and medium-sized companies but is less popular with large corporations and enterprise-level businesses.

Another drawback is the Apptivo customer support, but this is only if you are in the free plan and to a lesser extent in the Lite plan. With the most premium plans, customer support is better.


Apptivo complaints & praise (from real Apptivo customer reviews)

When examining Apptivo reviews, it’s not uncommon to see Apptivo compared to other CRM platforms like Zoho CRM and Pipedrive. In many cases, online review sources have a tough time determining once and for all which is the superior CRM solution and business suite of tools.

Other online Apptivo praises include their high level of customization for dashboards and views, and of course, the ease with which you can use Apptivo to scale up your business by advancing through their apps and packages.

Some more negative Apptivo reviews and criticisms focus on things like needing too many mouse clicks and actions before accessing the specific data you want, and that many of the more useful features are only available in the pricier versions.

Review of Apptivo CRM support

We’ve spent some time with the Apptivo CRM reviews to get an idea of how well their customer service and support fares among its users. There is a pretty detailed FAQ section for easy answers. On top of that, you can reach out for phone support, chat support and email, though live chat and phone support are not available on the free plan. Sadly, it does not seem they have support through their social media accounts. Finally, they offer webinars.  


Is Apptivo worth it? Our conclusion

Now that you’ve waded through this Apptivo review with its feature list and pros and cons, are you confident to answer the question, is Apptivo worth it? Perhaps you are not convinced and would maybe like to check out our Apptivo alternatives article.

But we know you’d like us to answer the question of whether Apptivo is worth it. Well, we say Yes, wholeheartedly and enthusiastically. Apptivo is worth it especially if you’re a small business, or even a startup. If you run a business or an ecommerce operation, Apptivo has lots of useful features for you.