Best Church Accounting Software for Bookkeeping & Finances

Last Updated:Thursday, June 15, 2023

Whether a small church or a large one, running the church without financial help is nearly impossible. Churches collect offerings and donations and have other funding sources. 

What bookkeeping systems do they have for proper management? What are the best church accounting software programs that ensure the smooth running of church finances in the background?

Running a church is both a spiritual and management task, and to support the integrity and managerial competency of church leaders, instruments that assure transparency with finances derived from offerings, fundraising activities, and contributions must be used.  

Ready to dive in? Here we go!


Best accounting software for churches comparison chart (top 10 highest rated)

While you can read an in-depth analysis of our top 11 picks below, here’s a quick overview of the top 10 church accounting software, what makes them stand out, and their base prices. 

There are still others with fantastic features and uses, although they all share the same purpose as church management solutions.


Best for




best church accounting software overall

Core - $99 per month



Top choice for integrated membership and accounting features

$39.95 per month


Intuit Quickbooks

Best financial software for churches

$42.50 per month


Wave Accounting

Good church accounting software for small churches

First Plan Free



Best for cloud-based church accounting and member tracking

$35 per month


ShelbyNext Financials

A great choice for church payroll software

Pricing varies with Membership


Church360 Ledger

Good accounting program for churches 

$25 per month


ACS Church Accounting Software

Best for comprehensive church financial management

$279.95 per month.


Church Pro

Great free church bookkeeping software

First-tier is free.



Top church fund accounting software

$35.13 per month



What is the best church accounting software 2023? Here’s our top 11 list:

Most accounting software considered amongst the best church accounting software programs are usually industry specific. They are often customized to cater to church accounting needs. This doesn’t mean other bookkeeping software cannot be used. However, church software programs address specific church needs.

If you’re in need of accounting software for your church, check out our list below!


1. Aplos (best church accounting software overall)

Aplos is a cloud-based nonprofit and church accounting package that automates the tracking of donations, the creation of giving statements, and the generation of customizable reports. Aplos offers some important features that cater to church accounting needs, including Bookkeeping, budgeting, true fund accounting, church management, payroll, and so much more. 

Designed by a CPA and executive pastor, Aplos targets the specific needs of churches. Its report and analytics feature allows you to monitor real-time data, including cash flow, funds balances, online giving, and bills. 

Churches can also use Aplos to set up budgets and ledgers based on specific money, initiatives, and missions. 

Additionally, it incorporates employee payroll, removing the need to keep up a separate accounting system for regular (and irregular) paydays. Aplos has a communication outlet allowing you to reach out to church members through emails with already curated templates. You can even send bulk emails for general announcement purposes and the like, although this feature is an optional upgrade. 

The church management feature also allows you to know your members more and provides specific attention to those who need it. 

Best of all, Aplos allows you to build a drag-and-drop website without any prior knowledge of any coding language, so you can get a donations website up in a short time without spending extra to build it from scratch. 

Aplos also has a non-profit software that caters to non-profit organizations, helping in fundraising, donor management, and non-profit account management, amongst other features. 


  • Integration with Gusto to consolidate payroll options.

  • It implements secure security measures that protect the church's and its members' data.

  • With in-depth, automatic accounting features, it streamlines the accounting process by allowing churches to execute several operations in order, such as entering bank transactions, tracking and paying bills, writing checks, creating invoices, receiving invoice payments online, and more.

  • It's not just a bookkeeping software but also a complete church management tool


  • The base price only includes two users


It has a base price of $79 monthly for Aplos Lite and $139 for Aplos Core+. 

Aplos is currently running a 50% discount on its software, and you have a 15-day window to check out its features for free.

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2. PowerChurch (Top choice for integrated membership and accounting features)

PowerChurch Plus is a robust church management software that includes membership, contribution, event management capabilities, accounting, bookkeeping, reporting, and communication functions. 

As you can conclude from the name, this software is specifically designed for church accounting, similar to Persefoni, for example, which is designed to be used as carbon accounting software only.

PowerChurch Plus is primarily an on-premise desktop software best suited for small and mid-sized churches, although it has cloud-based software and mobile apps. As the name indicates, PowerChurch has a powerful reach, extending its features and capabilities beyond the average bookkeeping software.

This is a full-on software solution best suited for churches that also provides an accounting system with amazing features such as financial reporting, bill paying, income management, payroll processing tax management, the ability to automate processes, the provision of a general ledger, and other important features amongst others. 

You can easily monitor cash flow and determine accounts payable and receivable without hassle. Small churches focused on church growth will easily appreciate these features. PowerChurch Plus, besides standard accounting functions, allows users to keep a membership database and provides a calendar feature that allows churches to organize various events and activities. 

PowerChurch Plus is peculiar because of its strict functionality approach, which first elevates only the essential features for church needs. PowerChurch Plus is intended exclusively for churches and non-profit organizations. 


  • Integrated payroll with no additional fees.

  • Its desktop option includes unlimited users.

  • Access to events and management tools

  • It has a capable member management tool. 


  • It uses an outdated user interface


PowerChurch pricing pattern is a per-church method, where you purchase the software, which can be deployed in various church branches. 

For New Users, Downloadable goes for $395 while Physical CD cost $415

For existing users looking at an upgrade, Downloadable goes for $159 while Physical CD cost $179.

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3. Intuit QuickBooks (Best financial software for churches)

Is there any accounting category not featuring a premium product like Intuit QuickBooks? QuickBooks can be considered the best financial software in almost any category, and with its industry-specific church finance software, it's in the running for the best software for church finances and best accounting software for nonprofits as well.

QuickBooks rides into our pick on the back of a lot of good press for its wide range of features including invoicing, expense tracking, project management, and the like, but a major flaw it’s been known for is the over-saturation of features, but it’s different in this case. 

QuickBooks has leaned down its church-specific software to cater to small churches, growing congregations, small businesses, and non-profit organizations. 

QuickBooks for Church Plus lets you include five users in the platform, but subscribing to Advanced raises that limit to 25, and adds the ability to batch invoices and costs, perform analytics, and automate workflows.


  • Comes with church-specific accounting features.

  • A free trial for 30 days to get the hang of things and make your decision.

  • You can handle multiple church branches without extra payment or additional fees.


  • It does not provide a free plan


For its Plus plan, it goes for $85 per month, and its advanced plan goes for $200 per month. 

Intuit QuickBooks has a 30 days free trial period and a 50% discount on both plans for the first 3 months of purchase.

Intuit QuickBooks review 

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4. Wave Accounting (Good church accounting software for small churches)

Wave Accounting is another well-known accounting and bookkeeping software that shines for those looking for an affordable top-tier option.

If as a leader, you're in search of a church accounting software that is free to use but does not dial down on the essential features you need, then Wave accounting is a no-brainer. 

Unlimited earnings and expenses tracking, important reports like Profit and Loss reports, the opportunity to add an unlimited number of team members, cash flow tracking, and an attractive dashboard are all features of Wave accounting. 

Additionally, it provides automated payment reminders, accepts donations made with credit cards, bank accounts, and Apple Pay, and has a mobile app for checking account deposits and money management. All of these are available on its free plan. 

If you're a small church with a thin budget, then wave accounting is an option worth considering. 


  • Free accounting tools.

  • Unlimited user access. 

  • provides reasonably priced full- and self-service payroll packages.

  • Connect to your credit card and bank accounts.


  • Not purposely built for churches.

  • Free options are quite basic compared to other tools on the market.


Invoicing and accounting features are free to use, but more high-end features or custom features attract varying prices from $20 to $149 per month or a one-time fee of $379.

Wave accounting review

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5. IconCMO (Best for cloud-based church accounting and member tracking)

IconCMO is a cloud-based church administration tool that aids in member organization, gift tracking, and the creation of fund-specific reports. Its functions include checking accounts, managing checkbooks, and monitoring accounts payable (A/P) and accounts receivable (A/R). 

IconCMO is suitable for mid-sized churches experiencing gradual growth, and it has features such as document storage, event registration, membership, check-in, print donor statement, and historical data among others. This can help you keep a proper check on your church’s financial health over certain periods with receipts as proof. 

Although prior knowledge of bookkeeping is needed, it can be a very effective tool when you have capable hands managing its operation.


  • It excels at fund management.

  • Quite affordable for small and medium-sized churches.

  • It has a wide reach as a management app. 

  • It has an assisted bookkeeping function.


  • It can be quite expensive for larger congregations.


IconCMO has a base package of $35 and other add-ons will increase the price.

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6. ShelbyNext Financials (Great choice for church payroll software)

Considered one of the best payroll software for churches, ShelbyNext Financials is a cloud-based fund accounting solution designed for churches, ministries, non-profits, and denominational offices. 

You may manage the budget and general ledger, handle purchase requests, pay suppliers, receive payments, track fixed assets, pay workers, and reconcile bank accounts inside ShelbyNext Financials. 

This accounting solution's feature-rich capacity assists customers in meeting their financial obligations to oversee internal workers, boards, finance committees, and external organizations. 

Of the various features, payroll, general ledger, accounts payable, and accounts receivable are the most important.

While extensive knowledge of accounting systems is not paramount to properly navigating ShelbyNext Financials, a good knowledge of it will certainly be of help. While many chMS require external payroll systems to handle the church’s payroll, ShelbyNext stands out as an online church accounting software with payroll that functions in tip-top shape.  


  • It has a wonderful payroll system.

  • Contains the elementary features for effective functioning Church administration.

  • It has a well-organized year-over-year record system. 


  • A slight earning curve if you have no accounting head.


ShelbyNext Financials offers two different installation options. The cloud-based option and the Desktop option. The prices are not revealed on their website and are reviewed yearly based on the church's fiscal budget.

Visit ShelbyNext Financials 


7. Church 360 Ledger (Good accounting program for churches )

Church 360 Ledger is a complete software solution built exclusively for churches and religious organizations to optimize their financial management procedures. 

It’s a fantastic option for those looking for effective church administration solutions and precise church bookkeeping because it is a part of the Church360 suite of products and offers a variety of features and functionality geared to the specific needs of churches.

One of Church 360 Ledger's main advantages is its user-friendly interface, which makes it simple to use even for individuals with little experience in accounting. Because of its simple and user-friendly design, it is usable by church personnel and volunteers who might not have substantial financial backgrounds.

This church accounting programs program offers proficient church bookkeeping features, allowing users to track and handle numerous financial activities conveniently. It promotes double-entry accounting, which ensures accurate record-keeping and trustworthy financial reporting. 

Church 360 Ledger provides a full suite of tools for efficiently managing the financial elements of church operations, including general ledger, accounts payable and receivable, bank reconciliation, and budget management.


  • Ability to integrate with other Church360 modules and popular church management systems. 

  • Advanced reporting capabilities. 

  • Customization of report option.


  • While it has a good deal of needed basics, upgrades and changes might still be needed the more extensive and in-depth your church finances get. 


There are three separate price plans, starting with the combination of Church360° Members & Church360° Unite alongside the Church 360 ledger at $25 per month.

The second tier, which includes Church360° Members at $35 per month.

Buying Church 360 Ledger as a standalone tool will cost $45 per month.

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8. ACS Church Accounting Software (Best bookkeeping software for churches small in size)

ACS Church Accounting Software is a comprehensive church management solution that provides accounting, bookkeeping, membership management, and other managerial solutions for churches and non-profit organizations. 

ACS Church Accounting Software has an intuitive and simple user interface that allows leaders and team heads easily organize multiple bank accounts, designated funds, cash flow planning, invoices, church or office equipment, direct deposits, and tuition or fee-based services. 

The software helps as a church accounting system to give you the ability to customize your experience to your taste. This can make it the perfect small church bookkeeping software and one of the top church accounting programs. 


  • It improves accounting accuracy.

  • Scheduling invoices improves the bill payment process.

  • The ability to print reports increases transparency.

  • The system of automating and also forcing invoice payment can be very handy.


  • It’s quite pricey.


ACS pricing starts from $279.95 per month.

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9. Church Pro (Great free church bookkeeping software)

Church Pro as its name indicates is an excellent church bookkeeping software free to use in its first tier. Church Pro is a capable church administration tool that provides a full range of features and functionality to help religious groups run their organizations effectively. 

It remains an essential tool for churches looking to improve their online donation procedures and streamline their financial administration because of its emphasis on delivering sophisticated capabilities for balance sheets and online donations.

One of the standout features of Church Pro is its robust balance sheet functionality. In addition to its strong balance sheet capabilities, Church Pro also excels in facilitating online donations. 

Church Pro goes beyond balance sheets and online donations, offering a wide range of other features to support comprehensive church management. It provides tools for member management, attendance tracking, event scheduling, and communication, enabling churches to manage their congregations efficiently. 

The software also includes capabilities for volunteer management, contribution tracking, and financial reporting, further enhancing its value as a holistic church management solution.

Its clean design and inviting interface make it easy for any leader with little or no technical bookkeeping knowledge to get the hang of it.


  • Robust Balance Sheet Functionality.

  • Comprehensive Church Management Features.

  • User-Friendly Interface.

  • Church Pro provides strong customer support.


  • Limited Advanced Financial Analytics.


The first tier with 25 members is free. The premium account with 50 members costs $10

Visit Church Pro software


10. Elexio (leading church fund accounting software)

Church Pro software is a comprehensive fund accounting software for churches developed to help non-profit organizations manage their accounting procedures and handle tithes and donations more efficiently. The software, with its comprehensive features and user-friendly interface, provides a solid platform that simplifies financial management responsibilities, increases transparency, and helps religious institutions simplify operations. 

One of Church Pro's major features is its unique array of tools for non-profit accounting. Church Pro understands the particular financial demands of religious groups and delivers a bespoke solution that assures accurate and efficient money administration. The software enables users to create detailed budgets, track expenses, generate financial statements, and streamline the process of recording transactions. 

Not only that, it acknowledges the importance of tithes and gifts in religious organizations and provides a dependable platform for adequately managing these contributions. Thanks to the software's customized giving options, members may make gifts online, manage their giving history, and receive contribution statements for tax purposes.


  • Seamless Integration with other add-ons.

  • Dedicated customer support and user training.

  • Efficient Non-Profit Accounting.

  • Streamlined Tithes Management.


  • There is a slight learning curve from initial use.


Offers a 30-day free trial. The lowest price for a one-member is $35.13 per month and the price increases with each new member.

Visit Elexio

11. Flockbase (all-in-one church accounting software for small churches)

FlockBase is an all-in-one church management solution that automates all of your church activities. It enables you to immediately record contributions in membership and accounting records, allowing you to keep track of all donations and money easily. FlockBase is a feature-rich and cost-effective program for small to medium-sized congregations. 

You can handle groups, attendance, and contact information using FlockBase, as well as genuine financial accounting, which allows you to keep track of your finances and budgets. To simply record and report attendance, check-in members using a kiosk or volunteer portal.  

In addition, Flockbase is one of the best accounting software for small churches and medium-sized churches on the market and while it is not a small church accounting software free of charge, its reasonable pricing endears churches to it. 


  • Flockbase makes church accounting easier.

  • It has a user-friendly interface.

  • Its attendance tracking and reporting feature is top-notch. 

  • Seamless Integration with various add-ons including Zapier.


  • Flockbase may have limitations in terms of scalability, particularly for larger churches or organizations with complex needs.


You can select either our cloud-based or desktop applications.

The cloud-based option costs Cloud Basic $24 per month, Cloud Plus $39 per month, and Cloud Pro $59 per month.

For the desktop option.

Visit Flockbase


Which is the best church financial software for me? Our conclusion

Churches of all sizes often have needs, especially with money; it could be with monitoring the tithes and offerings of their church, it could be creating a relationship with church members, it could regulate the online payment of donations. 

A small church financial software free of charge is usually hard to come by, but generally, the prices for church financial software programs are affordable except for those whose features embrace entire church management processes. 

There are other great options, such as small business accounting software, that serve general bookkeeping functions but still function well as church bookkeeping software, including Xero, church track, etc. 

If you’re in need of church bookkeeping software for your church, the above options are the top of the pack for church finance and management software programs.