Best Mind Mapping Software 2023: Top 17 Brainstorming Tools & Apps

Last Updated:Sunday, December 31, 2023

Quick Summary:

Unlock your creative and productive potential with the best mind-mapping software. These applications aren't just diagram creators; they’re gateways to enhanced brainstorming, meticulous planning, and organized idea generation. Below, we review the best software to make your choice effortless, focusing on features that cater to various creative needs – from visualizing complex concepts to streamlining project planning.

Choosing the best mind mapping software in 2023 is crucial for anyone looking to organize ideas efficiently. Think of it as a tool that turns messy notes into clear roadmaps for action. Our guide sifts through all the options out there, pointing you to the top picks. 

Whether you need it for personal use or for team brainstorming sessions, having the right tool can make all the difference. Dive into our list and find the software that will help you think clearer, plan better, and achieve more. 

Ready to make sense of your thoughts? Let’s get started.


Best Mind Mapping Tools Comparison Chart (Top 10 Highest Brainstorming Software Options Rated)

We've lined up the 10 top mind mapping software applications just for you. Our chart not only lists the best brainstorming software but also highlights what mind map types each one excels at. Plus, to make your decision even simpler, we’ve included their pricing plans so you can quickly compare and find the perfect fit for your needs.


Best for




Best tool overall 

Free plan; paid plans start at $3.50 per user/month

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Real-time collaboration 

Plans start at $130/year

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AI-powered features

Free plan; paid plans start at $9 per user/month

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Free plan; paid plans start at $5 per month

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Personal brainstorming 

Paid plans start at $5.99 per month

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Free plan; paid plans start at $2.99 per month

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Templates library 

Free plan; paid plans start at $7.95 per month

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Remote team collaboration 

Free plan; paid plans start at $8 per user/month

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Free plan; paid plans start at $5.5 per month

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Plans start at $12.50 per seat/month

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What is the Best Mind Mapping Software 2023? Here’s Our Top 17 List:

In the quest for the best mind mapping software 2023, one might first ask, "what is a mind map?" As we've discovered, it's a tool that turns a complex web of ideas into structured visuals. We've sifted through countless tools to bring you the top contenders for creating mind maps. 

Diving deeper, our mind map software reviews will guide you through various categories. Whether you're after the best software overall, the finest tool for real-time collaboration, the ideal pick for personal use, or the top-notch for Android users, we've got it all mapped out for you. Let's journey through the best in the business.

1. MindMeister (Best Mind Mapping Software Overall)


Why We Chose It:

When it comes to mind mapping, MindMeister stands out as our top choice. Why? Because it's built for collaboration. Picture this: you're on a team, brainstorming, and with MindMeister, everyone can dive in real-time. It's more than just jotting down ideas; it's about weaving thoughts into a coherent, visual story. 

The modern, sleek interface is packed with customization options, making sure your mind maps won't just fade into the background during those all-important meetings. And, if you’re thinking about transforming those brainstormed ideas into actionable tasks, MindMeister’s integration with MeisterTask has you covered. 

With MeisterTask you can assign tasks straight from your mind map, track progress, and stay in sync with your entire team. However, it's worth noting that with all these features, there might be a slight learning curve, especially if you're going solo.


  • Seamless team collaboration with features like comments and votes.

  • Diverse customization options, including themes, colors, and styles.

  • Convert brainstorming into tasks via integration with MeisterTask.

  • Add rich content: notes, links, images, and more to maps.

  • Export options galore: PNG, PDF, or even Word.


  • A steeper learning curve due to its extensive features.

  • The free version might feel a bit limiting.

  • Challenges arise when connecting divergent ideas.


  • Basic plan is free

  • Personal plan is $3.50 per user/month

  • Pro plan is $5.50 per user/month

  • Business plan is $8.50 per user/month

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2. MindManager (Best Mind Map App for Real-Time Collaboration)


Why We Chose It:

MindManager shines as the best tool for those intense brainstorming moments. Imagine having a massive digital whiteboard at your fingertips, perfect for both quick notes and in-depth project planning. Dive deep into your thoughts or step back to see the full scope; MindManager offers you that flexibility. Organizing and linking your mind map ideas? It’s a breeze. 

The highlight? The dashboard map. It gathers all your project details, making team collaboration smooth. Since partnering with the tech giant Corel in 2015, MindManager has geared towards businesses, boasting partnerships with industry leaders like Proctor and Gamble. Its sleek layout means that whether it's a team huddle or a high-stakes meeting, your work looks top-notch.


  • Robust virtual whiteboard for versatile idea management.

  • Seamless integration with familiar platforms like Microsoft Office.

  • User-friendly dashboard map centralizing project data.

  • Drag-and-drop functionality simplifying idea connections.

  • Wide range of built-in templates and features.


  • No available free plan.

  • Gantt chart features could be more extensive.

  • Limited assortment of image and icon choices.


  • Essentials plan is $130/year

  • Professional plan is $235/year

  • Enterprise plan is priced in consultation with the vendor

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3. Ayoa (Great Mind Map Program if You Need AI-Powered Features)


Why We Chose It:

Dive into Ayoa, and you’re greeted with a treasure trove of AI-driven features, making it our chosen star for those who crave smart tech in their mind mapping journey. Why did we include it on the list? Well, consider a platform where swift mind maps become your savior against ticking deadlines, or where every thought, no matter how fleeting, finds its place, and can morph into actionable tasks. 

Collaborating is a breeze with Ayoa, even with remote teams, ensuring ideas bloom and transform with combined energy. The cherry on top? Its intuitive “branch voting” which takes team consensus to another level. 

And if you ever wanted a glimpse of the future of mind mapping, Ayoa’s radial maps are a sight to behold, propelling you beyond traditional nodes and lines into a universe of concentric circles of ideas.


  • A buffet of mind map styles catering to diverse brainstorming appetites.

  • Continuous enhancements making it a tool that grows with you.

  • AI features to complement your thought process.

  • Comprehensive chat, collaboration, and task management facilities.

  • Designed to be inclusive for neurodiverse individuals.


  • Its advanced features come with a steeper price tag.

  • The AI, while handy, can sometimes miss the mark.

  • Might feel overwhelming for those who prefer simplicity.


  • Ayoa Free

  • Ayoa Mind Map plan is $9 per user/month, billed annually

  • Ayoa Ultimate plan is $12 per user/month, billed annually

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4. Coggle (Best Mind Map Tool for Mind Map Beginners)


Why We Chose It:

Jump into Coggle, and you'll soon realize why it's our top pick for beginners diving into the world of mind mapping. With a straightforward approach, this web-based tool guides you smoothly from a single idea to a complex web of thoughts, all visualized beautifully. 

Have you ever had a brainstorming session with remote team members? With Coggle, collaborative thinking becomes a breeze, allowing multiple users to edit, tweak, and add branches in real-time. And the best part? The tool diligently keeps a tab on every change, so tracing back your steps is never an issue.

Say you've weaved a fantastic mind map and wish to share it. Coggle lets you do so seamlessly, with direct links or by exporting as .PNG or .PDF files. The best part? Its generous free plan ensures that even those dipping their toes into mind mapping can experience its benefits without breaking the bank.


  • A beginner-friendly interface ensures a smooth start in the mind mapping journey.

  • Collaborative features designed for real-time teamwork.

  • Track changes with ease, thanks to its version history feature.

  • Simple sharing options with direct links.

  • A generous free plan, perfect for occasional users.


  • Web-app only; lacks native applications.

  • Some may find the interface leaning towards the older side.

  • Might lack advanced features for more seasoned mind mapping enthusiasts.


  • Free Forever plan

  • Awesome plan is $5 per month

  • Organization plan is $8 per user/month

  • Enterprise plan is priced in consultation with the vendor

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5. XMind (Good Mind Mapping Tool for Personal Brainstorming)


Why We Chose It:

If you're searching for a tool to steer your personal brainstorming sessions, look no further than XMind. Envisioned to spark creativity and streamline idea generation, XMind stands as a robust ally for individuals and remote teams alike. 

One of its standout features? The flexibility it offers within each branch. Whether you're plotting out a logic chart, tree chart, or matrix, XMind has got your back, allowing you to seamlessly blend different data structures. 

Beyond simple mind mapping, it empowers users to draft timelines, org charts, and even fishbone diagrams. The theme editor further elevates your creative freedom by letting you personalize each map to resonate with your style.

XMind doesn't stop at being accessible just on your computer. With native apps spanning Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, and Android, you're assured a consistent experience, wherever you are.


  • Tighten up your data security with password-protected files.

  • Versatile export options: Whether it's PDF, PNG, or Word, XMind has got you covered.

  • Dive deep into your work with the Zen mode.

  • Sprinkle in some mathematical flair with the equation feature.

  • Stay connected on the go with mobile apps for both iOS and Android.


  • Larger mind maps come with slower load times.

  • No free plan.

  • Lacks dedicated project management tools.


  • Monthly plan is $5.99 per month

  • Yearly plan is $39.99 per year

  • Academia plan is $34.99 per year

  • NPOs / NGOs / Government plan is $41.99 per year

  • Multi-user Subscription is $59.99 per user/year

  • Enterprise plan is priced in consultation with the vendor

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6. MindNode (Best Mind Map Software for Mac)


Why We Chose It:

When considering the best Mac mind mapping software, MindNode rises to the occasion. Tailored for the Apple ecosystem, it offers users a sleek, distraction-free environment to organize their thoughts.

Imagine the freedom to add visual tags to elements, seamlessly tying your ideas together and highlighting unexpected connections. With MindNode, you can do just that, prioritizing and categorizing your thoughts for better clarity.

Do your thoughts transition into tasks? No problem. Convert mind map nodes into actionable tasks, and even sync them with Apple Reminders. The tool's unique display toggles — task, outline, and focus modes — allow you to customize how you engage with your content, whether you're taking a broad overview or zeroing in on specifics.

And if you’re always on the go, the Quick Entry feature for iOS is a game-changer, capturing spur-of-the-moment ideas and effortlessly morphing them into mind maps.


  • Flawless integration within Apple devices.

  • Diverse export options, from PDFs to interactive websites.

  • A wide array of widgets to spruce up your maps.

  • Offline functionality means you're not tethered to the internet.

  • Quick Entry feature for on-the-go ideas.


  • Apple exclusivity may be a bummer for Windows enthusiasts.

  • No web app access.

  • Limited label attachment capabilities.


  • MindNode Free

  • MindNode Plus plan is $2.99 per month or $19.99 per year

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7. Lucidchart (Best Mind Mapping Application if You Need a Rich Mind Map Templates Library)


Why We Chose It:

For those hunting for the best mind mapping applications, LucidChart might be the answer, especially if a vast library of templates is high on your priority list. It's more than just a mind map application—it's a dynamic visual workspace tailored for remote teams and seamless real-time collaboration.

LucidChart's prowess lies in its flexibility. Want to construct a mind map from scratch? You can. Prefer a pre-designed template? They've got over 500. Its intuitive UX makes color customization and layout adjustments a breeze. Importing mind map outlines from .txt files? LucidChart can recognize and transform them into visually engaging mind maps.

The application seamlessly melds with popular tools like Slack. So, whether you're dropping a LucidChart link in a chat or sharing work-in-progress diagrams, it's done smoothly. And don't forget its robust integration with platforms like Google Workspace, MS Office, and Atlassian.


  • A rich selection of over 500 mind map templates.

  • Cloud-based access from any device.

  • Tight-knit integration with productivity tools like Slack, Google apps, and more.

  • Ability to import data from applications such as Excel and Salesforce.

  • Features like co-authoring and shape-specific comments enhance collaborative efforts.


  • Lack of offline access can be restrictive for some.

  • The free plan might feel restrictive in terms of features.

  • For novices, the interface may appear slightly dated.


  • Free plan

  • Individual plan is $7.95 per month

  • Team plan is $9 per user/month

  • Enterprise plan is priced in consultation with the vendor

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8. Miro (Top Project Mapping Software for Remote Team Collaboration)


Why We Chose It:

If you're scouting for top-tier project mapping tools tailored for remote team collaboration, Miro might just tick all your boxes. This dynamic collaboration tool is designed for teams to effortlessly centralize cross-functional endeavors, from wireframing and agile planning to project management and design iterations.

Dive into Miro's infinite virtual whiteboard, a haven for bringing ideas to life in real time. Whether it's co-creating organizational charts, mapping user stories, or just brainstorming, Miro's platform supports it all. And it doesn't stop there—its built-in chat, video, and @mentions make team interactions feel almost face-to-face.

Want to supercharge your workflow? Miro's integration capabilities span over 20 tools, including heavyweights like Slack, Jira, and Google Drive. Showcase your creations with its presentation mode, transforming your maps into sleek slides. You can learn more about this popular tool in our Miro review.


  • Limitless virtual whiteboard offers an expansive playground for free form diagrams and brainstorming sessions.

  • Robust integrations, including power players like Asana, Jira, and Slack.

  • Flexibility to embed various file types—documents, spreadsheets, and PDFs—directly into your mind maps.

  • A myriad of design styles caters to different preferences and projects.

  • Built-in communication tools like video chat and @mentions foster seamless teamwork.


  • Lack of editing permissions for guests can be restrictive.

  • Presentation mode might disappoint with its limited design and transition options.

  • For budget-conscious teams, premium plans may feel steep.


  • Free plan

  • Starter plan is $8 per user/month, billed annually

  • Business plan is $16 per user/month, billed annually

  • Enterprise plan is priced in consultation with the vendor

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9. Mindomo (Best Android Mind Mapping App)


Why We Chose It:

Looking for the best Android mind mapping app? You might want to take Mindomo for a spin. This app is tailored for the workplace, education, and personal endeavors, and promises to elevate your brainstorming and strategic planning sessions.

Imagine tapping into the collective creativity of your team, no matter where they are. With Mindomo, exchanging ideas and collaboration on the fly becomes a breeze. Need external perspectives? Just invite collaborators. Define clear roadmaps, allocate tasks to team members, and set your sights on those goals. With the app's hashtag feature, tagging and organizing ideas is as effortless as it sounds.

No Wi-Fi? No problem. The offline sync feature ensures your work doesn't stop. Once you're back online, changes seamlessly sync up.


  • Generous free version allows for the creation of up to three detailed mind maps with essential features.

  • Cross-platform versatility ensures a seamless experience on macOS, Windows, or Linux.

  • The 'Professional' subscription supports up to 5 guests, catering to varied project sizes and team structures.

  • Varied export options, from images to Microsoft Powerpoint.

  • Enhanced security measures, including password protection.


  • New users might find a steeper learning curve due to its rich feature set.

  • The free tier lacks important features.

  • Teams on a budget might find the premium subscription costs on the higher side.


  • Mindomo Free
  • Mindomo Premium plan is $5.5 per month
  • Mindomo Professional plan is $13.5 per month
  • Mindomo Team plan is $16.5 per month
  • Mindomo Basic plan is $3 per month
  • Mindomo Teacher plan is $4.5 per month
  • Mindomo Classroom & School plan is $9 per month 

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10. MindGenius (Top Windows Mind Mapping Software) 


Why We Chose It:

In your quest to champion teamwork and streamline tasks, MindGenius emerges as a top pick for Windows mind mapping software. Designed to lessen the fog of information overload, this tool not only promotes teamwork but ensures everyone's gaze is set on the same goals. 

Visualizing and organizing thoughts? Check. Simplifying complex topics with the Map Navigator? Absolutely. Tapping into the tool, you unlock the ability to transform haphazard ideas into structured project processes. You can try out this tool without a dent in your pocket thanks to its 14-day free trial.


  • The app offers a visual, hierarchical structure to capture and organize ideas seamlessly.

  • Great for brainstorming, strategic planning, or project management.

  • With real-time updates, dashboards, and reports, track project milestones with ease.

  • Streamline project management, reduce misunderstandings, and save both time and costs.


  • For beginners, the plethora of features might seem daunting at first.

  • As a top Windows software, those on other platforms might feel left out.


  • Free trial

  • Subscription plan is $12.50 per seat/month

  • Enterprise plan is priced in consultation with the vendor

  • Bulk pricing available 

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11. Mindly (Best Concept Mapping Software if You Need a User-Friendly Interface)


Why We Chose It:

When it comes to concept mapping apps, the simplicity of an interface can be a game-changer. Enter Mindly, designed to meticulously "organize your inner universe." Available for Mac OS and Android/iOS devices, this free tool serves as your personal brainstorming companion.

Its sleek minimalist UX isn't just a sight for sore eyes; it's intuitive and user-centric. The vibrant mind maps contrast beautifully against a serene backdrop, making your ideas stand out. 

Beyond its visual appeal, functionality isn't compromised. Attach notes, add images, and tailor your maps with varying color schemes. Sharing? A breeze. Whether it's with a fellow Mindly enthusiast or as a PDF, image, or text, your ideas can easily be shared with others.


  • Minimalist yet efficient UX makes navigating the app effortless.

  • Ideal for brainstorming, project planning, meeting prep, and more.

  • Add images and notes, and pick from diverse color schemes for map elements.

  • With a passcode feature, keep your ideas under wraps.

  • Whether on Mac OS or mobile devices, Mindly has got you covered.


  • Lacks a dedicated Windows app or web version.

  • Offers limited integration options for streamlined workflows.

  • The free version restricts the number of maps and elements you can create/use.


  • Free plan

  • Mindly for iOS is $6.99

  • Mindly for Mac is $29.99

  • Mindly for Android is $5.49

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12. (Best Online Mind Map for Confluence/Jira Users)

Why We Chose It:

Ever needed a visual aid to brainstorm, draft flow charts, or depict intricate work processes? steps up as the ideal solution, especially if you’re already using Confluence or Jira.

This free online diagramming tool boasts a multitude of features, catering to varied diagramming needs. Whether it's swiftly connecting shapes, dragging entire sub-trees, or rearranging mind maps seamlessly, ensures an interactive experience.

Delving deeper, its support for Unified Modeling Language (UML), org charts, and an extensive array of shapes and styles is commendable. Not to forget, the smooth integration with Google Drive, making collaborations and file exports a piece of cake.


  • Most users can dive in without digging into their pockets.

  • From ready-to-use layouts to diverse shapes and styles, it's a comprehensive package.

  • Sync up with Google Apps and collaborate in real-time.

  • Multiple image format supports for all your export needs.

  • Jump straight to designing without any sign-up detours.


  • A maze of menus might confuse beginners.

  • The default design templates could use a boost.

  • No dedicated technical support service.


  • Cloud plan start at $20 per month for up to 20 users

  • Data Center plans start at $6,000 per year for up to 500 users

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Go to’s official website


13. GitMind (Good Visual Mapping Software for Creativity and Productivity)


Why We Chose It:

When you're on the hunt for the best visual mapping tools to organize your whirlwind of ideas, GitMind pops up as a notable contender. This cloud-based platform offers free mind mapping and flowchart solutions to kindle your creative fires and elevate productivity.

With GitMind, you're not starting from scratch. Dive into a plethora of editable templates, spanning topics from marketing tactics to performance assessments. Want more than just mind maps? GitMind has you covered with logic charts, UML diagrams, and beyond. Customize each element to your liking: add images, links, and comments, and play with text aesthetics to suit your style.

One standout feature? The ability to switch between a detailed outline view and visual mind maps. This flexibility ensures a streamlined process from brainstorming to finalized concepts. Once you're done, exporting is a breeze with options like .PDF, .TXT, and .SVG.


  • Generous free plan.

  • Ready-to-use templates across various categories.

  • Tailor elements, from images to text aesthetics.

  • Swap between outline view and mind maps smoothly.

  • Save your work and access it across different devices.


  • The interface could benefit from a design revamp.

  • Broad template range but limited in style.

  • To unlock everything, you'll need to upgrade.


  • Free plan

  • Monhtly plan is $9 per month

  • Annual plan is $4.08 per month

  • 3-year plan is $2.19 per month

  • Team plan is priced in consultation with the vendor

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14. (Top Brain Mapping Software if You Need Something Simpler)

Why We Chose It:

If a straightforward and efficient brain mapping app is what you're looking for, then might just be your best bet. Designed with a focus on simplicity, makes it a breeze to organize your thoughts visually, be it for note-taking, brainstorming, project collaboration, or presentation prep.

Its uncluttered interface is a delight for those who prefer to stay focused. With minimal buttons in sight, distractions are cut down, letting you zero in on your task. Whether you're working solo or with a team, has you sorted. Form teams, assign roles, and centralize all your mapping endeavors seamlessly. 

And with the option to personalize your domain on their website, you can ensure your landing page reflects your brand or purpose.


  • Clean and distraction-free interface.

  • Form teams, assign roles, and centralize your maps.

  • Quick links, social media, or full-screen presentations.

  • Completely browser-based.

  • Essential features at a pocket-friendly price.


  • Grouping multiple items feels cumbersome.

  • The UX could benefit from a modern touch-up.


  • Basic plan (up to 3 mind maps) is free

  • Premium plan is $4.91 per user/per month, billed annually as $59

  • Team plan for 3 users is $14.75 per user/per month, billed annually as $177

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Go to’s official website


15. ClickUp (Solid Idea Mapping Software if You Need Integration With Project Management)


Why We Chose It:

Need a powerful idea map software that integrates seamlessly with project management? Look no further than ClickUp. Designed for both small teams and large corporations, this software doesn't just excel at tracking performance; it brilliantly intertwines project management with idea mapping.

You might wonder, how does a project management tool dive into mind mapping? With ClickUp, it's an effortless blend. Offering not just one, but two stellar tools: Mind Maps and Whiteboards. These tools don't just let you weave intricate mind maps, but also link them directly to your tasks. This means all your thoughts, brainstorming sessions, workflows, and tasks stay intertwined and easily accessible.

As you can learn in our ClickUp review, the beauty of ClickUp’s Mind Maps is its user-friendliness paired with its potency. Crafted with drag-and-drop functionality, you can effortlessly initiate your mind mapping journey, either from ground zero or kickstart with a simple template.

For those seeking an elevated mapping experience, ClickUp Whiteboards has you covered. It's an expansive canvas ideal for anything from strategic planning to software development. Its intuitive design lets your ideas flow without boundaries, making it a must-have for any dynamic team.


  • Integrates idea mapping with project management.

  • Mind Maps and Whiteboards cater to diverse mapping needs.

  • Drag-and-drop feature streamlines the creative process.

  • Start fresh or use predefined templates.

  • Combines collaboration, project management, and idea mapping.


  • With its myriad features, initial adaptation might be daunting.

  • Mind Maps and Whiteboards can seem similar to new users.

  • Some users might find the plethora of options overwhelming.


  • Free plan

  • Unlimited plan is $7 per user/month, billed annually

  • Business plan is $12 per user/month, billed annually

  • Enterprise plan is priced in consultation with the vendor

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16. Creately (Top-Notch Mind Mapping Software With Great Importing and Sharing Capabilities)


Why We Chose It:

On the hunt for a mind mapping software that excels in importing and sharing? Dive into Creately. This top-notch mind mapping tool doesn’t just help you sketch out ideas; it transforms them into visually appealing mind maps perfect for brainstorming and creative thinking.

Begin your journey on Creately's boundless canvas, and watch as your thoughts form cohesive action plans. With its expansive template library, getting started is a breeze, ensuring your ideas find their perfect visual representation swiftly. The platform's intelligent controls ensure that linking concepts and carving out strategies is straightforward.

Enhance your brainstorming sessions with Creately's collaborative features, complete with in-app conferencing, letting your entire team join the creative process. Once your masterpieces are ready, exporting them for presentations or documentation is seamless, thanks to diverse format options.


  • Dive into a comprehensive library for a quick start.

  • Effortlessly link and organize ideas.

  • In-app conferencing boosts teamwork.

  • Easily share across various formats.

  • Seamlessly integrate files, especially from Microsoft Visio.


  • The myriad of templates can be daunting for newcomers.

  • Initial adaptation to numerous features might be a bit challenging.

  • Some features might seem repetitive or too similar.


  • Free plan

  • Starter plan is $5 per user/month, billed annually

  • Business plan is $89 per month, billed annually

  • Enterprise plan is priced in consultation with the vendor

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17. Cacoo (Great Mind Map App if You Want Integration With Other Tools)


Why We Chose It:

Looking for a mind map app that seamlessly blends with other tools? Consider exploring Cacoo. This cloud-based tool goes beyond mere mind mapping, empowering teams to edit and comment on diagrams in real-time. From product management to marketing, Cacoo's versatility caters to diverse team dynamics.

Kickstart your brainstorming sessions with an array of templates tailored for problem-solving and note-taking. Cacoo's range doesn't end there; delve into wireframe mockups, flowcharts, Venn diagrams, and more. Dynamic charts? They've got that covered. Bring in data from your Excel sheets, or punch it directly into the platform.

Exporting your creative mind maps is a breeze with multiple format options, including PowerPoint and .SVG. But what truly makes Cacoo stand out are its integrations. Be it Dropbox, Adobe Creative Cloud, or Microsoft Office, this app ensures your workflow remains uninterrupted.


  • Engage multiple users for simultaneous editing and brainstorming.

  • A vast selection of templates caters to various work needs.

  • Easily input or import data for visual representation.

  • Many export options, including .SVG, PowerPoint, and PDF.

  • Works smoothly with tools like Dropbox, Adobe Creative Cloud, and more.


  • Advanced export options are restricted to paid versions.

  • The app might feel sluggish, especially on mobile.

  • With such versatility, initial navigation can be daunting for some.


  • Free plan

  • Pro plan is $6 per month

  • Team plan is $6 per user/month

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Which is the Best Mind Map Software for Me? Key Takeaways

Navigating the expansive world of mind map software can be overwhelming. As you explore, there are essential questions to ask to ensure the tool fits your unique needs. In our review, MindMeister emerged as the top contender due to its extensive feature set, user-friendly interface, and cost-effectiveness. But remember, the best software for one might not be the best for another.

For those prioritizing real-time collaboration, MindManager stands out. If you're intrigued by cutting-edge, AI-powered features, Ayoa could be your go-to. For beginners, Coggle offers a straightforward and intuitive platform, while XMind shines for personal brainstorming sessions. Dedicated Mac users? MindNode is tailored for you. And if you're an Android aficionado, Mindomo has got you covered.

Choosing the best mind map software boils down to your specific requirements, preferences, and budget. Do you value real-time collaboration, ease of use, or platform-specific optimization? Determine your priorities.

Before diving into a commitment, make the most of the free plans or trial periods offered by many of these tools. This hands-on approach will give you a genuine feel of the software, ensuring you pick the one that aligns seamlessly with your needs. Whatever your criteria, there's a perfect mind mapping solution waiting for you.