Best Trucking Accounting Software: Owner Operators & Drivers

Last Updated:Sunday, May 28, 2023

Looking for the best trucking accounting software for your business or trucking company? Look no further! Whether you're a team of owner operators or drivers working for trucking companies, managing finances can be challenging. 

We've compiled a list of the top platforms that cater specifically to the needs of companies in the trucking industry. In this article, we'll explore the features, pricing, pros, and cons of the best trucking accounting software options available for companies and individual drivers. So park your rig and read on to find the perfect solution for your trucking business.


Truck accounting software comparison chart (top 10 highest rated)

Here’s a table of our top trucking accounting software for owner operators. These vendors offer all such features such as accounting and trucking database software. Whether you’re looking for tools owners-operators or truckers accounting software, this article will have the right system for your trucking business needs.


Best for




Best trucking accounting software overall

$20 per month


Quickbooks Online

Great trucker bookkeeping software

$30 per month



Top transportation accounting software

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Best trucking owner operator software

$19 per month



Good free trucking accounting software for drivers




Good trucker accounting software for freight brokers

$99 per month



Top trucking payroll software

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NetSuite Cloud Accounting

Best accounting software for trucking companies

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Rose Rocket

Great TMS, trucking and freight broker system

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Good tax software for truck drivers

$6 per month


*All pricing plans start at

What is the best trucking accounting software? Here’s our top 10 list:

This best trucking accounting software review gets the full under-the-hood analysis so you know what each piece of software is suitable for. Some of these apps are dedicated to the trucking industry, while others are just good small business accounting software which can be used by truck drivers or companies.

1. TruckingOffice (Best trucking accounting software overall)

TruckingOffice is the maker of at least two products. The first is the TMS, or trucking management software, which will include accounting functions. The other is their ELD product, which is an electronic logging device.TruckingOffice is considered by many industry people to be the best trucking accounting software solution.


As an accounting system for truckers and trucking companies, TruckingOffice starts with solid invoicing tools. These include automated alerts and notifications.

There are also very decent expense tracking tools for trucking, as well as fleet maintenance software.

For tax reports, you can get real-time and accurate IFTA reporting payment calculations, which stands for the International Fuel Tax Agreement between USA and Canada.

TruckingOffice also provides modules for standard fleet management features, a distance-traveled tracker (in miles), and some more overall profitability optimization tools.  


If you are looking for a robust bookkeeping tool that can be applied to the trucking and shipping industry, you might prefer something more standard like Quickbooks Online.


  • Owner plan is $20 per month

  • Mid-size plan is $45 per month

  • Fleet plan is $75 per month

  • Add-on prices for additional trucks

  • Pro plans also available

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2. Quickbooks Online (Great trucker bookkeeping software)

Quickbooks Online is not an accounting solution that was not designed strictly for any one industry and certainly not for trucking businesses. However, those in the trucking industry, specifically the truckers themselves, can use Quickbooks’s accounting tools for the business needs of trucking management.


Quickbooks Online is easy to set up, simple to learn, and helps immediately streamline all manners of accounting and bookkeeping for the trucking industry. 

There are always fantastic general ledger and financial reports features when it comes to Quickbooks Online. Other accounting tools include basics like budgeting, billing, invoicing and expense tracking.

Trucking business owners can tailor Quickbooks for some specific trucking business needs, including managing trucker employees, time tracking, payroll and even tax penalty protection.


Clearly, since Quickbooks Online is not a dedicated set of accounting features nor an explicit bookkeeping software for truckers, it will lack some of the more industry-specific tools like an IFTA tax calculator or freight brokerage modules.


  • Simple Start plan is $30 per month

  • Essentials plan is $55 per month

  • Plus plan is $85 per month

  • Advanced plan is $200 per month

Quickbooks Online Review

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3. Axon (Top transportation accounting software)

Axon is a serious trucking management solution for trucking companies. It states as its three main aims to reduce workloads, increase profits and make it easier for truckers and drivers to get paid without any stress.


Some consider Axon to be the all-in-one trucking management system combining the foundations of transportation management, trucking dispatch tools, a ticketing system, fleet management and finally trucking accounting.

As an accounting solution for trucking businesses, you get accounting features like payroll and settlements, billing and accounts receivable, expense tracking and accounts payable, and purchase orders or POs.

Axon can be used for trucking company tax filing including all the standard IFTA reporting.

Top grade financial reporting on your trucking company with Axon, with real-time data analysis on things like profit/loss cash flow, income and balance sheet figures, while the reporting is all highly customizable.


Axon does suffer from some minor criticism because some of its users claim this is not the most user-friendly accounting tool for the trucking industry.

The prices are not listed on the website, and that means it may be a bit expensive.


  • Contact Axon for a demo and pricing information

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4. Rigbooks (Best trucking owner operator software)

If you own your own rig and are an independent trucker, then Rigbooks is likely the best trucking software for owner operators like you. Rigbooks is also a highly informative set of resources for truckers who are owner-operators. 


Firstly, Rigbooks comes with a fantastic mobile app for owner-operator TMS. The mobile app is well designed, intuitive and covers all the basic tools of management software for owner-operator truckers.

Rigbooks helps truckers parse out things like load size, distance, and accounts receivable to know which trucking job will earn them the most profits.

Rigbooks can be billed on a per-mile basis, and this kind of mileage tracking is exactly what’s lacking from systems like Quickbooks.

Get your tax reporting done with Rogbooks in a very streamlined manner.


Not too much information on the website, so you need to start using Rigbooks to really see what it’s all about. Though there is a free 30-day trial.


  • Rigbooks starts at $19 power month

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5. TruckBytes (Good free trucking accounting software for drivers)

Whether you are a truck driver, an owner-operator or run a trucking business, nobody can complain when it comes to free software for managing your trucking accounting management. This makes TruckBytes a great accounting software for truck drivers that is free of charge.


TruckBytes is a free tool for mainly managing your truckloads, deliveries, distance tracking and more.

Easy and quick to generate trucking company invoices and get paid.

You can create trip reports factoring in things like payments and expenses.

TruckBytes can also help independent owners with things like finding insurance or doing IFTA reports.


While a free software solution is always a nice thing, some larger trucking businesses may find TruckBuyts to be a bit too simplistic, lacking things like driver settlements features.


  • TruckBytes is free

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6. Tailwind (Good trucker accounting software for freight brokers)

When it comes to freight broker software, Tailwind has got you covered along with offering more trucker tax software features. Tailwind is an all-in-one web-based and cloud-based TMS.


This is the total package. You get everything from job quoting, order management, dispatch services, invoicing and payments with Tailwind.

Freight broker features include freight billing, truck driver management, vehicle management, and other administration.

Tailwind has excellent customer support which includes in-app chat, video tutorials and extensive self-service resources.


There are many different Tailwind products and packages, so shopping around might get overwhelming when looking for the solution you need.


  • Tailwind trucking and freight broker plan starts at $99 a month per user

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7. Q7 (Top trucking payroll software)

Made by Frontline, the software technology firm that develops many products for trucking, shipping and transportation, here is the app called Q7. This is a good trucking business system which can be used for payroll.


As a trucking company payroll software, Q7 gets you detailed employee records, tax reporting data, and information about hours, salaries, miles, revenue percentages and flat payments.

Other Q7 accounting tools let truckers manage their bank accounts, access a check writing tool, and get direct deposits in their bank accounts for instant payments. There are also accounts payable, accounts receivable and bank reconciliation.

Decent general ledger features here for income statements and balance sheets.

Good trucking tools get you order management, truckload dispatch features, brokerage dispatch and freight billing. All of this on top of being solid as a payroll software for trucking companies.


There is a mobile app for Q7, and while some users think it works well enough, some other users are hoping to see an upgrade here soon.


  • Contact Frontline for Q7 pricing

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8. NetSuite Cloud Accounting (Best accounting software for trucking companies)

While Oracle NetSuite may not be the best trucking accounting system, it does earn its status as some of the best accounting software which can be used by trucking businesses.


The first benefit here is that Oracle NetSuite is a leading ERP and accounting tool and there is virtually not a single industry that cannot make use of its software solutions, including the trucking industry.

Fixed asset management tools for NetSuite are ideal for fleet management and staying on top of all your trucks, following the depreciation of their values or keeping up with their maintenance.

You can leverage NetSuite’s general ledger features for trucking, and this helps with taxes, audit trails and for providing you with good financial reporting.


Once again, the disadvantage here is that it is not a trucking company accounting software in and of itself. Yet, this won’t stop everyone from considering Oracle NetSuite Accounting for a trucking accounting platform.


  • There are many NetSuite plans and prices

  • Contact Oracle for more information

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9. Rose Rocket (Great TMS, trucking and freight broker system)

Rose Rocket combines major modules which are crucial for running a trucking company or anybody in the overall trucking business: a trucking management solution, and a freight broker platform.


Rose Rocket TMS is beneficial for both trucking brokers as well as carriers, with distinct features for each role.

Simplified order management module for your customers to use, as well as an optimal trucking rate calculator for offering the most competitive prices.

Rose Rocket uses a good deal of automation to help your team save time and reduce errors with things like manual data entry.


For the most in-depth trucking accounting tools, Rose Rocket may come up short, however, there are integrations which streamline the syncing up of information between Roser Rocket and other accounting tools like Quickbooks Online and Xero.


  • Contact Rose Rocket for pricing

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10. FreshBooks (Good tax software for truck drivers)

For our final vendor we chose FreshBooks, which is again not a tax and accounting tool specifically for the trucking industry, although as a tax system it can be used by truckers, owner-operators or trucking companies.


FreshBooks is very affordable to get started, with its entry package barely costing more than a cheap lunch. It is also very user friendly.

The FreshBooks mobile app is a lovely little tool, great look and feel and ease of use.

Truckers can use FreshBooks to track expenses and be prepared for tax season. It’s easy to connect your bank account and credit cards for seamless payments.

With Zapier, you can connect to other TMS for thorough IFTA fuel tax management. 


More advanced trucking tools are not available with FreshBooks, like trucking routing features, dispatch tools and freight calculators.


  • FreshBooks Lite is $6 per month

  • FreshBooks Plus is $12 per month

  • FreshBooks Premium is $22

  • If you have large or complex business needs, contact Freshbooks 

Freshbooks Review

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Which trucking software accounting option is best for me? Our conclusion

Well, we’ve reached our final destination in this truck driver accounting software review.

We hope you’ve found the perfect driver or owner operator trucking accounting software. Now, you may be disappointed that we could not list all the pricing of each vendor here, so please, visit their websites, view their demos, and talk to their sales departments to request pricing information. 

Also, if none of these tools seem to suit your needs, we have a few more recommendations for you. Check out our best accounting software for self employed review or carbon accounting software article for more tools!