SuiteCRM Review 2023: Features, Pricing, Uses, Pros & Cons

Last Updated:Tuesday, November 28, 2023

A lot of great business productivity SaaS is designed in a black box. Not open source software, however, like SuiteCRM. 

In this SuiteCRM review we’ll talk about SuiteCRM’s pricing and feature set. Finally, we’ll look at SuiteCRM’s benefits and drawbacks before pronouncing our final judgment. Andale!


SuiteCRM review 2023: Is SuiteCRM any good?

Read any SuiteCRM review, and you will find that the consensus agrees that SuiteCRM is a very good open source customer relationship management software solution. It is easy to use, has a great robust toolkit, and the prices are competitive. SuiteCRM can improve your overall business processes.

One might still be wondering, is SuiteCRM among the best CRM tools on the market today? How does it compare, for example, to Salesforce or SugarCRM? Well, one of the key distinctions between this and those other platforms is that SuiteCRM is open source software, while the others are not. 

Of course, whether or not open source is important for your operations depends on your needs.

SuiteCRM pricing plans

First of all, how much is SuiteCRM? Let’s first review SuiteCRM prices:

SuiteCRM plans

Monthly price

Annual price

Check current SuiteCRM price

SuiteCRM Starter plan

Not available

£95 per month with annual renewal


SuiteCRM Business plan

Not available

£332.50 per month with annual renewal


SuiteCRM Premium plan

Not available

£475 per month with annual renewal



How much does SuiteCRM cost for nonprofits?

SuiteCRM is surely among the best open source CRM software. This means that while it is a great deal for a business, it is also useful for nonprofits. However, you’ll have to check directly with SuiteCRM to see if they have special price tags for nonprofits.

Are there any SuiteCRM coupon codes or promo discount vouchers?

After scouring the web, it is very likely that there are no SuiteCRM discount codes or promo vouchers for the moment. If you find anything with a third-party site, double-check that it is real and valid with SuiteCRM.


SuiteCRM free vs paid: what’s the difference?

If you’re looking to use a CRM software free of charge, SuiteCRM is not the right one for you. You can, however, access a free public demo. 


SuiteCRM overview: what is SuiteCRM & what is SuiteCRM used for?

SuiteCRM has many modules. It can be used for organizing your contacts and leads. It is used for creating marketing campaigns to expand your network via email or other channels. You can leverage SuiteCRM to improve the sales process. SuiteCRM has functionality for handling customer issues. And everything is saved on SuiteCRM’s own servers because it is cloud-based software.


SuiteCRM features list 

The main features of SuiteCRM are:

  • Customer relationship management

  • Marketing features

  • Sales tools

  • Dashboards

  • Reports

  • Touchpoint management

  • Workflow automations

  • Case management

  • Configuration studio 

1. Customer relationship management

Any good sales and marketing software should be built on a solid CRM system, that is, customer relationship management. SuiteCRM provides the user with a sophisticated database of contacts. SuiteCRM gives you the ability to create new contacts from a variety of sources. You can easily get a complete 360-degree overview of all your contacts, and you can drill down to individual contacts for more details.

Some of the important contact data you get includes demographics, location, contact details, and engagement history. This means you get a chronological view of every time they reached out via which communication method, and you can add notes to summarize what was discussed. The Suite CRM module can also include past purchases, as well as customer support histories.

2. Marketing features

Moving on, SuiteCRM is a popular SaaS for all things marketing. You can use this marketing platform to create target audience groups among your contacts. This way, you can reach out with relevant marketing messaging instead of blasting one big generic message out to everyone. From there, you can design and customize marketing campaigns or use a template.

The SuiteCRM platform also includes automated actions. You can employ workflows to perform tasks based on marketing efforts automatically. For example, if someone clicks an ad, a workflow can email them more information. Overall, SuiteCRM marketing is great for spreading brand awareness.

3. Sales tools

SuiteCRM has an impressive collection of many features for sales teams. You can build a custom sales pipeline to optimize the journey to conversion. This is a great way for sales reps to monitor pipeline activity and step in to help nudge a lead forward. Other sales tools include custom quotes, which streamlines the creation of invoices and contracts.

SuiteCRM uses plenty of sales automation as well. You can get automated notifications with pipeline status changes, for example. You can also set it up to get alerts if your high-priority opportunities need extra attention. Adopting these flexible sales tools is a promising way to increase ROI.

4. Dashboards

When we talk about SuiteCRM's dashboards, we mean real-time reporting and analytics. Below, we'll discuss other SuiteCRM reporting, but for now, the focus is on the dashboards.

These dashboards are live data monitoring views that can show you the pulse of your business activity in real-time. They are great for handling data on the move and to keep track of your team's performance. It's like a live weather or traffic report, as opposed to a summary of past data and trends.

5. Reports

The difference between the live dashboard analytics and SuiteCRM's report building is important. The analytics and reporting tools are for creating robust reports based on a wide variety of past CRM, sales, and marketing data for deeper insights into past activity.

There is a fair amount of customization when you generate these reports. What's more, you can set it up so that reports are created regularly and automatically shared across your team or your whole operation.

6. Touchpoint management

Otherwise known as activity management, SuiteCRM provides many features to manage all the touchpoints between your team and your contacts. This means you can easily log and track calls and meetings. It also helps you stay on top of to-dos and tasks. You can easily add custom notes to each logged activity.

SuiteCRM also offers personal and shared calendars. These calendar features are easy to integrate with your CRM and activity monitoring functionality. It's especially helpful to create and remember your planned dates, meetings, and appointments.

7. Workflow automations

We've already briefly touched on workflows, but here we'll give more information. You can design workflows with ease of use, and they are very customizable. You do not need to be a software developer to set up automations and make it work.

Workflows help reduce easy and repetitive tasks that may annoy your staff. Using them is largely a factor in keeping your team happy and allowing them to provide better service to contacts and users. This is particularly true when you compare performance to other teams that must do a lot of dull admin with Excel spreadsheets, for example.

8. Case management

SuiteCRM has some tools to suit your customer support needs as well. You get a basic help desk ticketing module that lets reps track progress on issue resolution. Workflows can be used to send notifications and alerts when resolution times are fast approaching. 

SuiteCRM also has a customer portal feature. This allows users to access their account with SuiteCRM to get details on the status of their tickets or cases. There are other self-service features as part of the portal too, like a central repository for all correspondences related to a case.

9. Configuration studio

If you want extra customization, here is something you should know - SuiteCRM offers a configuration studio. This is the foundation of any good open-source CRM. It allows developers an added degree of flexibility to modify the platform to suit your company's needs best.

Accessing your system admin account allows you to add new custom fields to your CRM database. You can also use this to customize interface layouts according to your tastes or even add totally new modules. And it's easy to use.


SuiteCRM pros and cons

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of SuiteCRM:

SuiteCRM advantages

  • Open source software - SuiteCRM is very popular because it is open source and easy for devs to modify it or add extra integration features.

  • Ease of use - Another reason so many people use SuiteCRM is for its simplicity, requiring little time to learn the toolkit.

  • Customer relationships - The CRM module of SuiteCRM is very effective at organizing your contacts and segmenting them for marketing outreach.

  • Workflows - Building custom workflows is another great way to streamline business processes with SuiteCRM.

  • Integrations - You get a decent integration library, including for some Microsoft and Google apps.

  • API - SuiteCRM provides its API documentation to the public, including both REST and SOAP API.

SuiteCRM disadvantages

  • Price - While not too expensive, it's a shame that it is not a price-per-user rate, which means small teams will shell out more.

  • Currency - SuiteCRM is priced in British Pound Sterling, which can be annoying to convert into other currencies.

  • Data import - It is not so easy to download or import your data from other systems into SuiteCRM, though it’s not impossible either.

  • Templates - While there are some SuiteCRM templates for email and PDFs, it is not the most impressive library.


SuiteCRM complaints & praise (SuiteCRM reviews from real customers)

Positive reviews of SuiteCRM mostly seem to sing the same song.

Users of this SaaS are likely drawn to open-source software and are generally pleased with what SuiteCRM offers. As a no-frills CRM system with some basic marketing, sales, and support features, this one does not disappoint, according to many online reviews.

There is a bit more discord when it comes to negative SuiteCRM reviews. 

First thing, some large business and enterprise operations have found that this platform is a bit lightweight. Many critics call out that its usefulness levels drop as the company size grows. This can lead one to suspect it’s only good for small teams and startups, though not every negative online review echoes this.

Other negative reviews of SuiteCRM point out bugs or wonkiness with a few of the features, though there is no consensus. Some have complained about the dashboard tool; others say that the customer portal is more challenging to figure out.

Overall, though, the number of positive SuiteCRM reviews outnumbers the negative reviews of this CRM system.

Review of SuiteCRM support

SuiteCRM offers many support options for its users for a price. The cost ranges from £1,950 to £6,500 per year. This includes phone, email, customer portal support, and SLA agreements. There are also user guides that form a sort of SuiteCRM blog and a community forum.


Is SuiteCRM worth it? Our final points

So here is the end. One more time, is SuiteCRM worth it? Yes, it is if you like, especially if you’re looking for open-source CRM software. 

SuiteCRM, an open-source CRM software, offers a user-friendly interface and robust features. It excels in customer relationship management, marketing, and sales. While it's highly regarded for its open-source nature, some larger enterprises find it less scalable. 

Overall, SuiteCRM is a strong choice for those valuing open-source solutions, but its suitability depends on your specific needs and budget. Explore the free demo and contact SuiteCRM for tailored guidance.

What about the SuiteCRM alternatives, you might ask? Sure, there are some decent ones out there, so make sure to read up on your choices. This is a free market, after all.

Our final SuiteCRM rating

3.4/5 stars