Crunch Accounting Review: Software Features, Pros & Cons

Last Updated:Thursday, July 27, 2023

All freelancers, contractors, small business owners, and those who are self-employed have something in common. They all want to enjoy their evenings and weekends without worrying about keeping their accounts up to date.

If you're one of them, this Crunch accounting review is for you. 

We'll discuss what's so unique about the software, see what makes it such a good option for all types of business owners, and explore its best features. 

Let's dive in!


Crunch accounting review 2023: Is Crunch accounting any good?

This Crunch review has found the software can be an excellent investment. It's the only online UK accounting company that has a free accounting software app and the only software platform that supplies qualified accountants in-house. It's also one of the best UK accounting software for limited and small businesses. 

With Crunch, you get software and service in one beautiful package. The software comes pre-packed with features such as invoices, expenses, banking, bank reconciliation, and online payments (soon to be released). But Crunch can also remind you about deadlines, educate you about tax relief options, help with your registration for taxes, National Insurance, and VAT, and even talk to HMRC on your behalf.

The app is intuitive and easy to use, especially when setting up your account and business processes. The design is clean and efficient, making it easy to navigate the app. What's more, Crunch is continually going through revisions and updates, so improvements and new features appear all the time. There’s no mobile app for iPhone or Android, but the mobile-friendly application works on any device.

Crunch accounting even made it to our list of 15 best accounting software for small businesses. Take a look at the list to see how Crunch compares against similar competitors like Quickbooks Online, Freeagent, and Freshbooks. 


Crunch accounting pricing plans

First of all, how much does Crunch accounting cost? Let’s first review Crunch accounting prices:

Crunch accounting plans

Monthly price

Annual price

Check current Crunch accounting price





Sole Trader Pro





Unlimited Company Pro




Limited Company Premium




Small Business 




How much does Crunch accounting cost for nonprofits?

Unfortunately, Crunch doesn’t offer separate pricing plans for nonprofits. The price of the monthly plans remains the same for all businesses. 


Are there any Crunch accounting coupon codes or promo discount vouchers?

We did the research, and it seems there are no Crunch accounting coupon codes or discount vouchers at this time.


Crunch accounting free vs paid: what’s the difference?

Crunch Accounting has a free plan, and four paid plans. The free plan lets you create, send, and save invoices in seconds and keep on top of your expenses. Users of the free plan will have access to features like unlimited invoices, expense management, estimates, receipt scanning, open banking, and bank reconciliation. 

The paid plans give access to some more advanced features and free services like unlimited accountancy support, year-end accounts, unlimited phone and email support, real-time tax dashboard, dedicated client manager, in-app support, and more. 

The four paid plans are:

  • Sole Trader Pro, geared towards freelancers & self-employed

  • Limited Company Pro, great for new ltd companies

  • Limited Company Premium, ideal for established ltd companies 

  • Small Business, suitable for startups/small business companies 


Crunch accounting overview: what is Crunch accounting & what is Crunch accounting used for?

Crunch is an online accounting software and service for freelancers, sole traders, consultants, small businesses, and contractors. Businesses use it across different industries, including professional services, construction companies, travel agencies, and eCommerce businesses. 

It's an easy-to-use business accounting software for sending invoices and tracking expenses. Additionally, you can set up automated payment reminders, record your business mileage, and file your Self-Assessment. The software has a free version that you can use for an unlimited amount of time. The free version is very capable and suitable for freelancers and sole traders.


Crunch accounting features list

The main features of Crunch accounting are:

  • Invoices and quotes

  • Expenses

  • Receipt scanning

  • Banking

  • Tax and VAT

  • Integrations

  • Reporting

  • Ask an accountant

  • Company formation

  • Bookkeeping

  • Payroll 

1. Invoices and quotes 

The Crunch accounting software lets you create, send, and save invoices. Even better, there's no limit to the number of invoices you can send, even for free users. You can choose from several invoice templates and customize them as you see fit. You can keep an unlimited amount of clients' details to save time and effort. 

If you're often dealing with non-paying clients, you can set up late payment reminders. One of the benefits of setting up automated late payment reminders in Crunch is that they'll chase your clients for you. 

You can set up a late payment reminder when creating a new client in Crunch, or you can set this up on an existing client for any invoices going forward. In addition to invoices, you can also create and send quotes to clients. Once you create a quote, you'll be able to download it as a PDF and attach it to an email.

2. Expenses

In Crunch, you'll have all the tools necessary to record your expenses. The first step in creating an expense is setting up your suppliers, as each expense is related to a supplier. Expenses can have notes, attached files, due dates, and references. 

You can even add a description to your expenses and choose an expense type from a drop-down menu. If you set a default expense type for a specific supplier, this field will be automatically populated for you. 

Once you add the amount and VAT rate, the software will automatically separate the VAT element of the expense for you. There's no limit to the line items you can add. 

3. Receipt scanning 

With the receipt scanning feature, you can scan an expense, which will automatically be uploaded to the system. You can download the Crunch Snap Receipt Capture app from the Apple App store or the Android Play store.

The free version of the scanner lets you scan and email 15 items per month. Users of the free plan can upgrade to Snap Unlimited for £3.50 +VAT per month, which lets them scan and email unlimited expenses every month. Snap Unlimited is available free of charge for users of the Crunch Premium package. 

4. Banking

Crunch has an Open Banking accounting software that lets you securely connect your business bank account. Once you connect your bank accounts with the software, your bank statements can flow into your account automatically. 

Currently, Crunch connects with twelve of the largest UK banks, including Barclays, Halifax, HSBC, Lloyds, and Natwest. If you can't connect your bank account, you'll be able to upload your statements into your Crunch account through Bank (CSV) Statement Uploads. 

Users of any plan can import their statements and reconcile transactions. Open Banking is only available for use with business bank accounts. You'll need to manually upload your statements if you're a sole trader using a personal bank account. 

The Open Banking feature is available to all clients on the Crunch accountancy packages and the Crunch Free bookkeeping software.

5. Tax and VAT

You can have Crunch file your VAT returns if you're a VAT-registered business. For £3.50 +VAT per month, the software will prepare, check, and file your VAT returns every quarter. The add-on is a great option to ensure you comply with HMRC's Making Tax Digital legislation.

Another great service feature is the Self Assessment tax return for HMRC. By paying a one-time fee of £109.50 plus VAT, Crunch’s expert Chartered Certified Accountants will prepare your tax return, ensure you’re paying the right amount of tax, and file your return once you’ve approved it. If you’re subscribed to the Limited Company Premium plan, your Self Assessment will be included in your monthly subscription.

6. Integrations 

Crunch connects to a small number of third-party apps. Some of the integrations are available for free, and others come with a small fee. It works with integrations like Brixx (for reporting) and Tripcatcher (for mileage tracking). Integrations with Stripe and Shopify are currently in development. 

7. Reporting

Crunch doesn't come with built-in reporting features. You can connect the software with Brixx, which is a financial planning software. By integrating the two systems, you'll be able to get custom reports and insights in real-time to keep track of your cash flow and make better business decisions. 

8. Ask an accountant 

Another useful service feature is the Ask an Accountant feature, which lets you speak with a qualified accountant to help your business with accounting concerns. Users of the free plan can purchase the add-on for a one-off fee of £39.50+VAT. The service is free for all Crunch paid subscriptions.

9. Company formation

Crunch offers a Company formation service for a one-time fee of £10. If you don't want to do it yourself, Crunch can register your limited company for you. Simply pick your company name, fill in an online form, and Crunch will register it with Companies House subject to availability. You'll receive all the important documents when HMRC approves your company. 

10. Bookkeeping 

Crunch also offers bookkeeping services to keep your accounts up to date. You can purchase a one-off bookkeeping service that starts at £40+VAT a month. Alternatively, you can get the complete accountancy packages that start from £24.50+VAT a month. You’ll have quick access to Certified Chartered Accountants at all times who will take care of your bookkeeping needs.

11. Payroll

Payroll is available as an add-on. You can add it to your subscription plan. Prices start at £16.50+VAT for 1-5 employees. 


Crunch accounting pros and cons

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Crunch accounting:

Crunch accounting advantages

One of the best perks of Crunch accounting software is that it works for all types of business owners, including sole traders, freelancers, and small business owners. There's a plan for everyone, including a free plan that's great if you're working with a tight budget. 

Crunch is different from other solutions as it offers both services and features. Apart from features like invoicing and expenses, Crunch provides extra services to support and help you grow your business. It's the only software solution in the UK that supplies qualified accountants in-house. 

Other services include the Ask an Accountant service, which lets you get in touch with a real accountant who can answer your questions. The service is free for all Crunch paid subscriptions. Crunch can even connect you with mortgage advisors so that you can obtain the best self-employed mortgage. 

If you're a limited company, Crunch offers a formation service that can register your company without any hassle from your end. Crunch can even take the stress out of your tax return with the Self Assessment service. For a one-time fee, Crunch's accountants and administration team will complete your Self Assessment and file it with HMRC.

Crunch accounting disadvantages

Crunch is undoubtedly a great accounting solution for small businesses, startups, contractors, and freelancers. However, it's only available in the United Kingdom. If you live outside of the UK, you should look at other options like QuickBooks Online or ZohoBooks, as the software only supports UK banks.

Another downside is that the software doesn't have an online payments feature yet. The company says the feature is currently in development, but this might be an issue for businesses that urgently need the feature. 

The free plan is very generous and comes with many invoicing and expense management features. However, it lacks phone support. This means users of the free plan will only have access to the Crunch community forum and the knowledge base.

People who use their personal car for work or need to track the miles they drive might be disappointed to hear the software doesn’t have built-in mileage tracking functionality, but you can always add this capability via an integration. 

Another feature that doesn’t come built-in is the reporting functionality. If you want to get this feature, you’ll have to integrate Crunch with Brixx, which is a financial planning platform. 


Crunch accounting complaints & praise (from real Crunch customer reviews)

The majority of online reviews of Crunch Accounting praise the software’s ease of use and rock-solid features that help you handle your accounting and financial tasks without too much pain. Several user reviews say how Crunch gives them peace of mind when dealing with invoicing and taxes and control over the financial performance of their business. 

Other users say Crunch makes it possible to run your business without wasting evenings and weekends keeping your accounts up to date. A few users like how Crunch connects you with expert accountants for a small one-time fee. 

Negative Crunch reviews by users say that new developments are not always as quick to arrive as one would expect. Several users complain about the weak financial reporting capabilities of the software. 

Review of Crunch accounting support

Crunch has solid customer support. You can reach the company via email, live chat, and phone. Customer support is available from 9 am-6:30 pm Monday to Thursday and 9 am-5:30 pm on Friday. There's an active community forum where users can share their expertise and help each other with any issues or concerns. 

In addition, Crunch has an extensive knowledge base that includes help articles, business guides, tools and calculators, and tutorial videos. Users of all paid plans have access to unlimited support and a dedicated account manager. 

Users of the Premium plan also get an annual account health check and in-app chat. You can book a free 30-minute consultation to speak with an accounting expert who will recommend the best monthly plan for your needs. 


Is Crunch accounting worth it? Key takeaways

In a nutshell, Crunch is a reasonably priced accounting and bookkeeping solution that combines software and service in one beautiful accounting software package.

But is Crunch accounting worth it?

The short answer is yes. The longer answer is that Crunch is a great solution for anyone who's running a small business and needs human intervention as they try to deal with their finances. The good thing about Crunch is that you'll be assigned an accountant and a bookkeeper who will help your business grow with expert advice and guidance.

And if you’re trying to decide which package meets your needs, you get a free introductory call with an advisor. Crunch might not be the cheapest option on the market, but you’ll get a lot for your money. But, of course, you can always check out Crunch accounting alternatives and see how they stack up against this tool.

Our final Crunch accounting rating